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Bugs: Can't code without them, so code against them!


Over the last 10 years, Luke Lee has professionally written software for applications ranging from Python desktop and web applications to embedded C drivers for Solid State Disks. Currently, he writes scientific Python applications for Blueback Reservoir in Houston, TX. His enthusiasm for Python is emphasized throughout his presentations at several Python related conferences including Pycon, PyTexas, and PyArkansas. He is also an active member of the Houston Django and Python user groups.

There are a lot of approaches and philosophies to prevent bugs in software, but the truth is they are unavoidable in complex, modern systems. So, what's a developer to do? Code in a style that tries to alert and test for the bugs when they happen instead of feeling like a failure when you can't prevent the unavoidable.

Wikipedia defines this style of programming as 'defensive programming,' and the idea is code in a way that expects software to be misused and have bugs. This talk will explore this general concept and how to add bits of this style of development to you Python code with the following:

  • Asserts
  • Logging
  • Unit tests


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