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Mezzanine: the hidden gem of the django ecosystem


Mezzanine is a very capable content management system built upon a django foundation, but it is not widely known. While built with developers in mind, it has some great features for users. You can get a basic site going with a few static pages and a blog in relatively short order. When you're ready, you can extend it to do whatever you like! There are add-on projects Cartridge, a shopping cart; and Drum, a Hacker News/Reddit type site.

We'll cover:

  • How to get started ("Mezzanine is just django")
  • Why it is a django project and not an app
  • Customizing with templates
  • The django page model
  • Cartridge and Drum
  • Integrating your own apps
  • more!

[ This can be made a short talk if that would fit better ]


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