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Practical Pipelines: A Houseplant Soil Alerting System with ksqlDB


Be a better plant parent and build a practical, event-driven pipeline with Raspberry Pi and Apache Kafka! Soil moisture readings are streamed into Kafka and transformed, driving real-time alerts. Learn how ksqlDB and Kafka Connect made this pipeline possible as we dive in and get our hands dirty!

Speaker: Danica Fine Danica Fine is a Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent where she helps others get the most out of their event-driven pipelines. Prior to this role, she served as a software engineer on a streaming infrastructure team where she predominantly worked on Kafka Streams- and Kafka Connect-based projects. Her expertise in streaming systems has taken her to a number of conferences and speaking engagements over the years, giving her the chance to express her love of Kafka to anyone who will listen. Danica is committed to increasing diversity in the technical community and actively serves as a mentor to a number of women in tech. She can be found on Twitter, tweeting about tech, plants, and baking @TheDanicaFine.


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