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Having fun with application design


"Having fun with application design" Do you ever look at your software systems and workflows holistically? Do you ever wonder what could be achieved through smarter designs and dedicated effort? When you design your applications, do you consider developer efficiency and satisfaction as much as end-user experience? Python offers the simplicity and flexibility to achieve both.

In this talk, I will explore a journey from supporting disjointed components and addressing ad hoc business requests to developing a technical vision and creating an elegant solution that both serves business needs and offers developers a pleasant support experience. I will also highlight the design thinking approach, software architecture “-ilities” concepts, and the decision process that took place during this project. Speaker: Natalya Buga

Natalya is a senior software developer at Bloomberg. She is passionate about designing elegant and intuitive applications that solve her users’ needs, while offering developers a pleasant support experience. During her career, Natalya has supported various business areas, while using different languages and technologies. Natalya is new to Python but has enjoyed using it from the outset. Currently, Natalya works in the field of RegTech, supporting Bloomberg's Compliance teams in their goal of adhering to regulatory requirements and best compliance practices to protect the reputation and privacy of clients' firms and their customers.


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