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Improving code without losing your mind


"Improving code without losing your mind" Do you find it harder to work with parts of your project? Do you shy away from working with aspects of your code? When showing people what you're working on, do you feel the need to explain why it got that way?

As our projects grow, they usually become harder to maintain. This happens when we focus too much on adding new features. As a result, our code becomes hard to change or understand.

This talk will give you a tool you can use to unwind that code, making it easier to change and understand, not to mention giving you more satisfaction. Speaker: Chris May

Chris May is a co-founder of the Python user group in Richmond, Virginia, PyRVA, and had a great career in web and python development, most recently as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Markel.

Seeing his impact on his coworkers and PyRVA members, Chris decided to step away from his full-time job to teach python to others through group training, coaching, and authoring resources.

With his infectious zest for life and Python, Chris is excited to help you become a better Python developer.


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