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In today's interconnected world, securing web applications is more important than ever. This talk will explore the realm of web security vulnerabilities prevalent in Python Django applications and discuss effective DevSecOps practices to mitigate them.

Speakers: Soundharya Khanapur & Shivani Shetty

Soundharya Khanapur: I am a Masters student at NC State University and an ex-Software Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India. My true passion lies in leveraging data-driven technology to bring about innovative solutions. During my leisure hours, you can often find me engaging in sports activities, embarking on explorations of new places, or immersing myself in the creation of entertaining software programs.

Shivani Shetty: Hello! I'm Shivani Shetty, a cybersecurity enthusiast driven by an unyielding passion for securing the digital realm. With a solid foundation in Risk Management, Incidence Response and Network Security, I'm embarking on a mission to make cyberspace safer for everyone. My goal? To leverage my experience, insights and hunger for continuous improvement to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape.


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