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Rest Easy with Jupyrest: Deploy Notebooks as Web Services


Rest Easy with Jupyrest: Deploy notebooks as web services

Jupyter notebooks are awesome! However, a notebook on its own is not a product or a service. Bridging this gap usually involves a complete rewrite into a web service that leaves behind all the awesome-ness of the notebook. What if we didn't have to do this? That's where Jupyrest comes in! Jupyrest is a library I created to solve this exact problem for my team at Microsoft. In this talk I'll show you how you can turn your Jupyter notebooks into a web service without any modifications to it. Jupyrest is being used at Microsoft by data scientists to deploy hundreds of microservices.

Speaker: Koushik Krishnan

Hi! My name is Koushik and I am an engineer at Microsoft. I work on distributed database systems and believe it or not, I use a lot of Python to build tools to so. I believe Python can help us make complicated software systems easier to operate and more performant as a result. When I am not coding I like to play disc golf and try speed-running my favorite video games.


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