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Working with Audio in Python feat. Pedalboard


Working with Audio in Python (feat. Pedalboard)

Python can do (nearly) anything, but using Python to work with audio has always been a complicated and messy affair. In this talk, we'll be going through how digital audio works, how Python can be used to play with audio data, and how a new library - Pedalboard - can help. Pedalboard is a simple, fast, and performant library for doing common audio tasks in Python, including applying effects, using VSTs and audio plugins, and encoding/decoding various audio formats.

Speaker: Peter Sobot

Peter is a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Spotify in New York, where he helps lead their Audio Intelligence Lab - a machine learning research lab dedicated to pushing the state of the art in audio-based machine learning. He's secretly Canadian (howdy neighbour!) and when not hacking on audio software, he plays drums and bass in a handful of bands.


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