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Fake News' Foe: Machine Learning


"Fake News' Foe: Machine Learning" by: Jayesh Ahire

Fake news has become a huge issue in our digitally-connected world and it is no longer limited to little squabbles – fake news spreads like wildfire and is impacting millions of people every day.

How do you deal with such a sensitive issue? Countless articles are being churned out every day on the internet – how do you tell real from fake? It’s not as easy as turning to a simple fact-checker which is typically built on a story-by-story basis. As developers, can we turn to machine learning?

In this talk, We will try to live code an application using TensorFlow and twilio WhatsApp API to detect fake news! While going through the code we will explore various machine learning concepts and new features in TensorFlow 2.0 which simplifies our job.

We will also touch base on how we can use Advanced pre-trained NLP models like BERT, GPT-2, XLNet, Grover etc, to achieve our goal! This will be insightful session for beginners as well as intermediate level audience.

Recorded at the 2020 Python Web Conference (


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