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Flask: Beyond Hello World


"Flask: Beyond Hello World" by: Randy Syring

Getting started in Flask is super easy. But what happens when your application needs more than just the basics? Flask's simplicity makes it easy to get started but also means you have to do more legwork as your application's needs grow.

We will start with a typical "Hello World" Flask app and then integrate common features needed for most modern web applications, including:

  • Utilizing application factory pattern & blue prints
  • Automated testing with pytest
  • CLI integration with external packages and global options
  • Logging
  • Database integration with Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Distributed task queues for background tasks

Preparation: A familiarity with Flask will be helpful, but not required. The presentation will mostly be focused on concepts, not on the fine details of implementation. A companion GitHub repository will be available after the talk so attendees can dig deeper into implementation if desired.

Recorded at the 2020 Python Web Conference (


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