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Insane Customization Tricks for Plone


"Insane Customization Tricks for Plone" by: Annette Lewis Want a unique website but terrified of the infinity of acronyms needed just to start? Running an organization where every site needs it’s own special look and feel? Customizing web systems can be hard, but Plone’s got some tricks to make it simpler.

Plone’s customization story has fresh ideas making changes through-the-web and via code. Just trying to change a logo or move a box from the left to the right? Want to make a fancy looking front page without hard coding it? Perhaps you want to change a template, but are terrified it’ll be overwritten during later software upgrades? Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, the power is in your hands.

Out-of-the-box, Plone will do a fine job running a website, but why stop there. Let’s make Plone work for us. Learn the ins and outs of Plone and how to create a truly custom website.

Recorded at the 2020 Python Web Conference (


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