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Rackio Framework - Bring the Power of Python into SBC


"Rackio Framework - Bring the Power of Python into SBC" by: Antonio Carrasquel Rackio Framework is a modern Framework to develop microboard automation and control applications with Python. It implements a declarative approach to define the behavior of Automation, SCADA, Data Acquisition, Alarm and Logging IIoT applications.

It was developed to bring automation and control engineers the capability of developing high end industrial solutions. Inspired by Django, Flask and Scrapy, Rackio comes with built-in batteries to make common operations and tasks in the automation field.

With Rackio you can define a web based Human Machine Interface that is served within a Rackio application deployment, so you can set, monitor and admin your system.

Each Rackio features comes with a built-in REST API and a SocketIO event based API.

You can also define your custom API or SocketIO endpoints, including custom web pages and routes.

The greater power of Rackio is it’s declarative approach to define custom State Machines, this way you can integrate Python libraries to perform Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or any Python code execution.

Rackio is an ecosystem, with some extensions to level up your applications, such as Swagger-UI, Admin UI and Industrial Communication Protocols.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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