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Streamlit: The Fastest Way To Build Data Apps


"Streamlit: The Fastest Way To Build Data Apps" by: Steven Kolawole When we think about building Python-based data science apps, we think Flask. But there is a better option now. Streamlit.

Streamlit is an open-source web framework that lets you create apps for your machine learning projects with deceptively simple Python scripts, in hours. It supports hot-reloading, so your app updates live as you edit and save your file. No need to mess with HTTP requests, HTML, JavaScript, etc. In a short sentence, there is no need to write any front-end code. All you need is your favorite editor and a browser.

In this talk, we’ll go through how to build a very simple Streamlit app step-by-step. I will also review the pros and cons of Streamlit, as regards to other popular Python web frameworks being used by Data Scientists and ML Engineers.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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