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New dev, old codebase: A series of mentorship stories


My aim with this talk is to inspire folks to try a hand at mentorship.

I’ll cover the example of peers having attended a Rails Girls workshop and then a few months later being a mentor at one. Mentorship is relative, and loads of initiatives are structured this way! That being said, I believe the intended audience can be relative newcomers to programming.

An outline is as follows: * Clarifications: Mentorship vs training vs teaching * Volunteering mentorship (Personal examples: Teaching children, Rails Girls Summer of Code, workshops) * Mentorship best practices * At the workplace (Onboarding a junior developer to a recent codebase) * Conclusions, further reading

Takeaways/topics covered include: * Responsibility in leaving an impression on a newer programmer * Encouraging good habits * Being supportive * Learning alongside mentees * Admitting when you don’t know the answer or the solution to something * Letting mentees voice their ideas * Starting out as a mentor (finding places to mentor) * Communities of practise * Showing mentees your problem-solving process * Sharing the joy of sharing knowledge

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