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MPCite: Continuous and High-throughput Allocation of Digital Object Identifiers for Calculated and Contributed Data in the Materials Project


We introduce 'MPCite' which enables the continuous request, validation, and dissemination of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all inorganic materials currently available in the Materials Project ( It provides our users with the necessary software infrastructure to achieve a new level of reproducibility in their research: It allows for the convenient and persistent citation of our materials data in online and print publications and facilitates sharing amongst collaborators. We also demonstrate how we extend the use of MPCite to non-core database entries such as theoretical and experimental data contributed through 'MPContribs' or suggested by the user for calculation via the “MPComplete' service. We expect MPCite to be easily extendable to other scientific domains where the number of data records demands high-throughput and continuous allocation of DOIs.

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