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Lightning Talks 2017-07-13

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Lightning Talks 2017-07-13

Start Speakers Subject
1:45 Stephan van der Walt Elegant SciPy book - Its free online with executable notebooks, explore the table of contents.
7:20 Loranna JOSS - Journal of Open Source Science seeks to rewards contributors of software.
17:45 Daniel MolSSI - Molecular Software Sciences Institute is a new, well funded, open source (OSI) institute.
20:15 Meagan Lang cykdtree & cgal4py - Build KD-trees (e.g., load balancing) and Delanay Transformations (e.g., continuous distributions).
24:15 Tobi Shenk DNA dashboard - Made a DNA dashboard. Genetists should visualize more with Bokeh.
29:30 Prabhu Ramachandran Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks - Jupyter presentation tools: tex2ipy, ipyaml
35:00 Christian Reproducible Self-publishing - Making pretty papers and presentations reexecutable, Latex + Python + data
40:00 Matt Craig Vpython-Jupyter - Teaching Physics and Astronomy; simple visual models with physics; GlowScript instead of install.
44:45 Jason Grout Jupyter Lab - New computation environment: collapsible cells, lots of media viewers, more
50:30 Henry Senyondo Data Package Manager - Data Retriever to download, clean, and stick into your databases.
54:00 Justin "The Bachelor" Fantasy League - scrape Wikipedia; use; web visualization with Dash; deploy on Heroku


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