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Lightning Talks 2017-07-14

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Lightning Talks 2017-07-14

Start Speakers Subject
2:45 Chaya Stern cpDetect - A Bayesian Change Point Detection Package, wrote for a package. Finds chunks and splits them in your time series. On github.
5:20 James Script All the Things! - Programming is a perishable skill. So script all the things and get better at it.
10:10 Dana Miller Buildings + Python - Buildings use 40% of energy, make lots of data on BACnet, sMAP 2, and use Python
15:00 Adam Hood Datalore - JetBrains new Python IDE for Data Science with intentions (suggestions), continuous execution, more.
18:45 Christie Koehler How to Measure Open Source Sustainability - Foundational projects are just getting by. Want to develop a metric for sustainability.
24:50 Imanshu Mishra PEP8Speaks - Automated mailing for PEP8 issues.
28:20 Randy Ludwig Data Science for Babies - Analyzing for Eat/Sleep/Poop metrics using broken linear fit.
34:00 Kyle Penner Thank you Images - AstroPy and ApplePy let me make pretty pictures.
38:10 Jane Williams & Alyssa Whitwell Clover's Health ASE program - Clover grew fast and made an Associate Software Engineer program. 100% retention.
43:50 Santosh MiGA - RDP's Microbial Genome Atlas. Upload your genome to identify.
48:00 M Pacer IPython News - IPython 6.0 is out, and requires Python 3.x; IPython.display.display now built in; Fernando Perez is teaching reproducible research.
51:40 James Powell gormless - People don't care about domain models, but there is no limit of complexity in real world so we regularize it.
58:10 David Shu Python Widgets for Astronomy Visualization - Firefly Archive Access System; Firefly_widgets. Use cookiecutter template.
1:03:00 Peter Wang Yeah! - Python and open source won! Future ways of looking at systems and openess.


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