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Signal Processing and Communications Hands On Using scikit dsp comm


Tutorial materials found here:

In this tutorial I intend to start with a basic review of discrete-time signals and systems using a module I developed for my book Signals and Systems for Dummies. Once a basic foundation is provided, all using hands-on Python code examples in a Jupyter notebook, I will move to more advanced topics relative to statistical signal processing, digital communications and software defined radio. Digital communication transmitter and receiver simulations will be explored using Python code modules found in the newly posted scikit-dsp-comm as well as data acquisition code used in conjunction with a popular $20 software-defined radio USB dongle (RTL-SDR). The capstone portion of the tutorial will have the students write code to recover FM stereo radio broadcasts from a raw complex signal file obtained from the output of a popular $20 software defined radio module (the RTLSDR). Hardware will be provided for small groups to work together.


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