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Systematic Application of PySPH to Bubble Dynamics


Understanding bubble dynamics is an important component in understanding a variety of physical systems. Numerical simulations of these systems is appealing given the limited number of analytic cases and the expense and constraints of experiments. Bubble dynamics present unique numerical challenges. Interfacial forces, large deformations, and large density ratios all require that numerical stability, flexibility and efficiency be considered. Smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) offers a unique tool that inherently accommodates large geometric deformations and multiphase interfaces. In this work we use and extend PySPH, an open source SPH code that has been designed for easy extension in Python, to model isolated bubble oscillations and shape deformations. Our research is focused on identifying a system of compatible operators and adjustments that can accommodate the necessary parameter gradients while also maintaining stability and convergence within the SPH framework.


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