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PyViz: Unifying Python Tools for In-Browser Data Visualization


Python has dozens of plotting libraries, which is a blessing and a curse. It can be difficult to choose libraries, learn how to use them, and make them work together when needed. This talk introduces, a new initiative to integrate existing OSS tools into a full suite that solves a wide range of problems in data exploration and communication. Bokeh implements interactive browser-based plotting, Datashader renders even huge datasets into manageable images, HoloViews makes it simple to construct Bokeh+Datashader plots, and other PyViz packages tie all these tools together to allow simple creation of visual applications and dashboards.Presenter(s): Speaker: James A. Bednar, Solutions Architect, Anaconda, Inc. Speaker: Jean-Luc Stevens, Software Engineer, Anaconda, Inc. Speaker: Philipp Rudiger, Software Engineer, Anaconda, Inc. Speaker: Christopher Ball, Anaconda, Inc. Speaker: Bryan Van de Ven, Anaconda, Inc.


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