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Keynote: f(x) = a + bi Your (x) future, f, depends on atoms (real) and bits (imaginary: cyber)


The talk highlights the technical and economical issues of the current AI technologies; namely, extremely high computation costs and the massive energy consumption of von Neumann computers. To overcome those two issues, many innovative approaches are being made to develop non-von Neumann computing technologies such as quantum computing and neuromorphic devices, which will lead us to the era of “cognitive computing.” This is what happens in the cyberspace.

In parallel, real technologies are striving for disruptive innovation. Disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, 5G, and satellite communication technologies in real space will be introduced. Those technologies complement the innovation in bit (cyber) space and will lead us to, perhaps, the next industrial revolution.

I would like to conclude my talk with my expectations to young SciPy audiences with lots of bit knowledge to pay attention to atoms (real) so that they can drive our future with the excellent blend and integration of real science/engineering and IT technologies. ​


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