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Armin Rigo – CFFI: Call C from Python – SPS16


"I will introduce CFFI, a way to call C libraries from Python. It was designed in 2012 to get away from Python's C extension modules, which require hand-written CPython-specific C code. CFFI is arguably simpler to use: you call C from Python directly, instead of going through an intermediate layer. It is not tied to CPython's internals, and works natively on two different Python implementations: CPython and PyPy. (It is also a big success, according to the download statistics.)

PyPy is an alternative Python implementation, which is highly compatible with CPython but rewritten from scratch – in Python. It is much faster than the standard CPython on long-running tasks thanks to its Just-in-Time compiler. I will talk about it during the later part of the talk."

Talk recorded at the Swiss Python Summit on February 5th, 2016.

Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.


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