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Click: A Pleasure to Write, a Pleasure to Use

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As developers, we spend a lot of time trying to automate tasks that we have to carry out repeatedly. A likely result is a little (or not so little) command line tool that supposedly makes our lives easier.

The Python standard library and the wider community have come up with a wide range of packages that make it easier and quicker to write a Python script that can handle arguments and options.

My personal experience is that they are good, but not great... until I came across click: a tool written by Armin Ronacher. It's just beautiful to work with and create simple, yet powerful, command line tools.

In this talk, I will take a look at the landscape of Python packages that help building command line tools such as argparse and docopt. I will then introduce click and illustrate some of the benefits over its alternatives before looking at a concrete example to show some of its main features.


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