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Continuous Annoyment: Bringing More Zen to a Hectic Writing Environment


Tana Franko The hectic pace of documentarian tasks is only accelerating these days, spurred on by things like continuous deployment and tools that enable a new, higher level of collaboration. These changes bring not only unprecedented opportunities but also unprecedented challenges. Today's technical communicators need to adapt to cope with this change. In this talk, Tina the Tech Writer is back, now leading a team of writers. The team has been almost too successful at proving the value of documentation. Facing a mountain of urgent requests for documentation coverage, potential writer burnout, and attrition, she puts her hedgehog brain skills to practical application on a plan to bring the team to new levels of engagement, happiness, and value -- all while learning to say no when appropriate. It's all about balance. Tina will share results from her team's experiment, while outlining a way you can design your own plan to balance any set of challenges and opportunities you're facing.


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