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Oops, I Became an Engineer


Tara Scherner de la Fuente From English professor and assistant dean to software engineer. How the heck did that happen? How hard was the transition? That seems…different. And what the heck are developers thinking when they say the code explains itself? These are some of the comments and questions folks ask me when they learn my background. Included will be some commentary on learning to code, job prospects, and ways in which engineering is like grad school (for English). Also covered will be why development is an awesome career for folks who love words, grammar, and writing. Find out what’s up with developers, documentation, and denying the need for it (DID YOU SEE THAT ALLITERATION? My gawd, I’ve still got it). Whether you’ve thought about moving into software engineering yourself, or maybe you want to hear how one can go about learning hard, new stuff, this may be the 15 minutes during which you’ll want to skip the hallway track.


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