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AB Testing in Python

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This talk was presented at PyBay2019 - 4th annual Bay Area Regional Python conference. See for more details about PyBay and click SHOW MORE for more information about this talk.

Description Python development has had a great emergence in development of statistical packages, algorithms, and implementations. However, with the development and ease of practicing statistics & algorithms, there are still some rules and constraints one must follow to obtain quality solutions. And that is especially true with AB Testing, a statistical procedure to provide data-driven insights in uncertainty.

About the speaker Data Analyst residing in San Francisco, CA. Specialize in SQL Python, BI, and other related responsibilities. Additionally, Raul spends his time creating technical side-projects and volunteering in the intersection of Data and Technology/Coding.

Sponsor Acknowledgement This and other PyBay2019 videos are via the help of our media partner AlphaVoice (!

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