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Continuous Delivery for Iot with Python and Iottly


We know, continuous delivery is one of the current buzzwords (much like IoT was a couple of years ago). But think of an industrial IoT project connecting thousands of remote and inaccessible devices which should be kept secure and updated over time. Now, imagine you can just write Python code for your devices, test it over-the-internet both locally in the lab, and in a real test environment simply by pushing your code to specific branches and finally just pushing to master to update the entire fleet.

During the talk we will use Iottly to showcase this continuous delivery pattern for the internet of things, with live code and connected devices (Raspberry Pi).

Iottly is a Development and Management Cloud Service for IoT Projects, built by TomorrowData. Iottly is written in Python and is open source (github). It features a Python sandbox for the devices, an online editor to program the devices over-the-internet, and the integration with git as the base for continuous delivery.

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