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Is it too late to learn how to program and how being a developer changed my life


How I became a developer in my 50th. the challenges, the assumption and the victories and how women are not being recognized as an important part of the tech community.

How and why I wanted to be an iOS mobile developer at the age of 51. Some people want to believe that people my age are out of touch with technology and as a woman, I have seen the best and the worst in the tech community but I also now that there is a solution at the end of the rainbow.

With the boom in use of smartphones, we have seen a corresponding growth in numbers of available apps, some of which are being leveraged for social change. What people don’t know is 70% of women are more active on our mobile device than men, women are more active with social media, shopping, photo apps, are more connected to entertainers and play more games on their smartphones.

With that being said we the tech community need to open up our arm and embrace the change and think about how women in tech can change the way we see and create apps.


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