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Python in Africa


“What is Python?” is a common phrase in Africa, especially when you try to advertise Python events. This is because Python is a relatively new programming language in most parts of Africa. In most countries where global companies like Google, Amazon and Oracle are absent, Python is rarely used as a programming language in businesses. Despite this, a number of Python enthusiasts from different parts of the globe have been working so hard to promote the use of Python in Africa by setting up a vibrant community on the continent.

In my talk, I will share on the various Python initiatives taking place in some parts of the African continent and how they have advanced the use of Python in Africa. I will also present the challenges faced by developers in Africa in building their Python community. My talk will also present the milestones that have been achieved so far in trying to advance the use of Python in Africa. I will also share on the opportunities that Africa presents in terms of making an impact within the Python community. I will conclude my talk by highlighting ways in which we can all make a difference in advancing the use and knowledge of Python in Africa.

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