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Roboto Framework for Test Code Coverage for cloud services.


Test case design is an important phase of software testing life cycle where test cases are identified. Designing test cases for cloud solutions requires a different approach from traditional application oriented testing. The quality which is multidimensional will include more attributes like network resiliency, fault recovery, reliability and availability when it comes to cloud-based solutions. If such aspects when not encompassed through test development framework, it will lead to high chances of defect leakage in production in an agile mode of delivery. We propose a strategy to design the test cases which traverse across different levels of testing to find gaps using the Roboto framework with Python. The solution provides the teams and the product owners to get a picture of what is getting tested and how much of coverage is done. The data can be used in team release discussions to build confidence in the tests that gets executed as part of that release. Testing performed for features in a product is diverse and can be widely categorized into functional, non-functional like reliability, fault injections etc. Though developing test cases for functional changes is achievable, arriving at test cases for non-functional requirements is challenging in the given two-week sprint cycle of agile, and so leads to defect leakage. Some vital modules in a project would have been running in production for years and would have different sets of teams working at different periods. Quantifying test code coverage and quality only by a number of test cases per feature does not suffice as testing is multidimensional and has to span across different levels. Measuring and improving the test code coverage is the challenge generally faced by product teams.

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