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A primer on the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts using Python and Serpent


A primer on the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts using Python and Serpent

The Blockchain technology is an ingenious invention that has gained a lot of momentum and public attention in the recent years. In this talk we are going to quickly review the basic concepts behind this technology, starting from its very first implementation: The Bitcoin Blockchain. We will look into the core technology components the base of Bitcoin, which are its strengths and limitations. We will then discuss how the Ethereum project tries to overcome these limitations introducing the Turing complete Ethereum Virtual Machine and advanced Smart Contracts, giving developers the power to build any kind of applications on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

After this small theoretical introduction, we will explore what are the Python tools that you need to use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and develop Smart Contracts. Many of the tools to interact and develop with the Ethereum blockchain are built with Python. We will learn which are the basic tools used to run a blockchain locally on our laptops going through the installation and preparation process to get a full Ethereum node up and running on our local machine. Serpent is one of the languages of choice when building Smart Contracts in Ethereum and it is heavily inspired by Python. We will learn how to write a simple Smart Contract, test it and deploy it to our local running blockchain.

For this talk it is required just basic Python knowledge. Some basic theoretic blockchain foundations are preferred to get a clear understanding of the second part of the talk, but not strictly necessary.

in __on domenica 22 aprile at 14:45 **See schedule**


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