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(Alpha) Zero to Elo


Reinforcement learning is a sequential decision making framework that has received a lot of attention given incredible results from DeepMind, DQN and AlphaGo. More recently DeepMind delivered a more general AI game player call AlphaZero, which learns by self-play.

During this session we will introduce you the key ideas behind AlphaZero:

  • Reinforcement Learning and Value function
  • MonteCarlo Tree Search
  • Self-play

We will explore how they contribute to beat greatest Go player of our time, in Python.


  1. Introduction to AI in games
  2. What AlphaZero is made of? (Boring theory)
  3. How to build your own AlphaZero? (Cool code)

in __on domenica 22 aprile at 15:30 **See schedule**


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