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Choose Your Own Adventure for Client Web Services with GraphQL



In this talk, we discuss Facebook’s graphql standard, an a la carte way for front end clients to consume data from the backend, the python implementation of that standard (graphine), basic queries and mutations, and some advanced techniques. We’ll work up from shared principals with traditional REST web services to the new paradigm of data specific to each client request and how this makes backend and frontend developers happier and more productive.

Audience Experience

Intermediate (requires some knowledge of Python, Django, REST web services, etc. But will try to build a shared understanding of the core concepts).


45 minutes

  • About me, Prologue to the Adventure (5m)
  • Chapter 1 - Architecture and Design (15m)
  • Chapter 2 - Advanced Considerations (Authentication, Scaling, Performance, Rate Limiting, etc.) (10m)
  • Chapter 3 - Authentication and Building a Rich Client Web Application (10m)
  • Epilogue + Questions (5m)

in __on domenica 22 aprile at 11:15 **See schedule**


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