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Continuous Delivery starts at your Development Environment


Continuous Delivery is the automation of our deployment and QA, isn’t it? The industrialized software production chain that solves all our problems. Well, kind of. It’s more than that. Because: You still have pain when …

  • You bring new developers on board (e.g. for installing Docker and friends, IDEs and command line tools).
  • Your development machine behaves weird or needs an upgrade. (Can you simply re-install it and continue working without losing a day or a week of productivity?)
  • You need to explain to your colleagues, or even convince them, how to configure which of their tools?
  • Everyone turns to you (or your admin wizard) when there are troubles to get some tools or projects running.

This talks explains how to bootstrap a super-efficient startup, SMB, or just any development team that needs a development infrastructure. You’ll see a demo of The Foreman, Puppet, Ansible and optionally FreeIPA and virtualization technology, which gets you from zero to 100 in just a few hours. This talk explains how you do infrastructure like software development. Everything under control. Everything under version control.

Come join the show, and take home the recipe that tells you how to step up the next level of Continuous Delivery! - If you’re a beginner fear not: this talk starts with an introduction to CI/CD and brings you up to speed quickly.

in __on Sunday 22 April at 15:30 **See schedule**

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