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Databases for Data Science

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In this talk I’ll present the usefulness of databases for data science projects.

Databases have been around for decades and were highly optimised for data aggregations during that time. Not only Big data has changed the landscape of databases massively in the past years - we nowadays can find many Open Source projects among the most popular dbs.

After this talk you will be enabled to decide if a database can make your work more efficient and which direction to look to.


  1. A quick recap on database history, it all starts in Florence - where else….
  2. What is a database? What’s a data store? data lake?…
  3. Relational SQL systems and their benefits for DS
  4. NoSQL systems and their benefits for DS
  5. How to chose the db fitting your needs.

in __on sabato 21 aprile at 17:00 **See schedule**


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