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Evolution or stagnation programming languages


Programming languages evolves with the need to the developers, but not all of them evolves at the same speed and sometimes some languages stays almost the same for decades. Is this a sign of stagnation? Is it possible to evolve a language without breaking retrocompatibility?

This talk will cover how Python and Javascript approached the problem in a radically different way, with their pro and cons and with the consequences on the community.

The main points of this talk are:

  • comparation of the new features in both languages
  • strategies used to port or run the code on different versions of the language
  • impact of the new features and tool on the respective developer’s communities

The intent is to start a constructive discussion about the retrocompatility in Python.

For this talk you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of Python or Javascript.

in __on Friday 20 April at 11:45 **See schedule**


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