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Integration tests ready to use with pytest-play


In my talk I will introduce a new pytest plugin with which it is very easy (even for non-technical) go to create and run new integration testing at any level of IOT complex systems.

pytest-play is a pytest plugin that allows you to play a JSON file that describes some actions and assertions. We can use actions like: - Selenium, driving the browser for the UI test - MQTT messages, simulating a device - API calls - queries to Cassandra or PostgresSQL (in the future) - custom commands, thanks to the pluggable architecture Other advantages: - UI tests more reliable with implicit waits before interacting with the elements - BDD support to make the scenario more legible - reusability of steps

I will show you how easy it is to create a json and execute it on the fly on a Continuous Integration system. So let’s start having fun in testing with pytest-play.


in __on domenica 22 aprile at 12:00 **See schedule**

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