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Location, location, location: Data Visualisation and Analysis of Geospatial data in Python


Can’t distinguish your Latitude from your Longitude? Are you convinced that Dymaxion Projection is the name of an obscure Heavy Metal band? Have troubles finding your way back home even with a GPS? Congratulations, this talk is definitely for you!

While location data are increasingly part of our lives as developers, and Data Science jobs requiring at least a basic understanding of “geographic stuff” are on the rise, there’s still plenty of confusion surrounding spatial formats, tools and libraries…

Assuming no prior knowledge of geographic concepts, this talk with cover all the basics (including the most common tools such as GeoPandas, PySal, Bokeh etc..) to handle, analyse and visualise Geospatial data!


in __on domenica 22 aprile at 12:00 **See schedule**


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