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When your wetware has too many threads - Tips from an ADHDer on how to improve your focus

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My brain is different. The regions involved in concentration, impulse control, inhibition, and motor activity are smaller than usual; Like somewhere between 5% and 12% of adults I have ADHD. Even if you do not have the disorder yourself you probably work, live or know someone who does. But the world is not designed for people with ADHD, so to be successful I’ve had to develop techniques to keep my concentration and procrastination in check.

  • What is ADHD?

  • How can we change our workspaces to help focus

  • Being more productive without burning out

  • Communicating as a team without interrupting flow

    This talk is not just for those people with ADHD, although they will benefit as well. It is for anyone whose job requires long bouts of focus or “flow”. The primary audience of the talk will be programmers, but it will also benefit team leads, product managers, and technical writers.

    There is no specialist knowledge required to understand this talk. I do give a brief overview of the start of what ADHD is to establish context, but the talk focuses on productivity, not psychiatry.

    I hope people will leave with ideas about how they can make their workplace, their team and themselves more productive, less stressed and distracted, and ultimately more happy in their jobs.

in __on Friday 20 April at 16:45 **See schedule**


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