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Deep Learning with PyTorch for Fun and Profit (Part III / Italian Edition: Divina Commedia)


There are all these great articles and blog posts about Deep Learning describing all that awesome stuff. - Is it all that easy? Let’s check!

We’ll look into: style transfer (making a picture look like painting), speech generation (like Siri or Alexa) and text generation (writing a story). In this talk I’ll describe the whole journey: A fun ride from the idea to the very end including all the struggles, failures and successes.

This is an ongoing talk on how far we can get creating a full radio drama (Hörspiel) with deep learning and the resources required.

Steps, we’ll cover:

  • The data challenge: get the data ready
  • Creating a character-level language models with an Recurrent Neural Network
  • Creating a text generator
  • Creating artwork
  • Synthesising speech
  • Making it sound like a real person

In this special PyCon X edition we will also try to recreate text in the style of Dante’ Divina Commedia.

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in __on Friday 3 May at 12:00 **See schedule**

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