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Orobix: AI gets to work!


Orobix is an engineering company focused on delivering AI-based solutions to businesses, in multiple domains including life-science and manufacturing.

The application of deep learning to real world problems and mission critical contexts is laden with potential pitfalls, involving project execution all the way to the deployment of

models in production. Orobix has engineered systems with deep learning at their core, ranging from medical image segmentation to industrial quality inspection. In its operations, Orobix has devised strategies to cope with the cost of collecting data, gathering annotations from experts, training data- efficient models, deploying models in production, monitoring and communicating results back to experts. This talk represents an opportunity for us to share where we started from and where we’re at, what worked and what didn’t, and what we think is laying ahead of us, both individually and collectively in the applied AI community.

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in __on Saturday 4 May at 12:15 **See schedule**


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