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Python & Serverless: Refactor your monolith piece by piece


Python & Serverless: Refactor your monolith piece by piece

The introduction of the Function as a Service (Serverless) technologies is facilitating the adoption of a microservices based architecture. In this talk we will discuss why this might be useful (scalability / cost opportunities / choosing the right tool for the job) and what strategies we can follow to either extract independent services or add new capabilities using an event driven architecture style to a django web application. We will end up our discussion talking about testing and monitoring of our freshly baked services.

In this talk we will see:

  • Serverless/FaaS concepts brief intro
  • Breaking up the monolith rationale
  • Extracting some modules into independent services
  • Adding more capabilities using events as a trigger for our FaaS
  • Testing & Monitoring
  • References

The intended audience should be familiar with the concepts related to web applications, web apis and a smattering of serverless concepts.

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in __on Friday 3 May at 11:15 **See schedule**

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