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The Secret Society of Happiness


Happiness and our search for it is important but complicated. However, we can learn much from each other. Being our authentic selves and allowing ourselves to grow, gains us skills to help others too. In this talk, we’ll learn about helping ourselves and guiding others towards happiness for all.

Happiness and our own search for it have deep impacts on our entire lives. But important as it is, it’s also incredibly complicated. We each carry our own baggage, and the things that make us happy are not constants. However, we can learn so much from each other in a community, and can have a tremendous impact on each other’s happiness in how we shape our communities and interactions - though not always in the most obvious ways.

Many of the barriers to our happiness are actually created by ourselves, and those can be the hardest the overcome. But by being our authentic selves and facing up to our fears, we can gain the confidence to do what is needed. And growing in this process ourselves, we gain so many skills in helping others in their journeys as well. Embracing those journeys and skills in our community will make it a happier and more inclusive space for all, which fosters growth in ourselves and others.

I recently put literally every aspect of my life upside down in my own search for happiness, and will share from my personal story and stories of others about the lessons learned, in a way that many of us will recognise. We’ll also talk about how each of us in a community has opportunities to bring happiness to others, which in the end will contribute to our own happiness too.

Previous responses to this talk included:

  • “Took me a decade to understand what this speaker is presenting gracefully and meaningfully in a handful of minutes.”
  • “Been waiting for this talk for months and it has not disappointed.”
  • “Such a strong, emotional and impactful opening keynote.”
  • “This speaker is like the purest person ever!”
  • “Thank you for being inspiring and honest.”
  • “Hard truth. Touching chords.”
  • “I should have worn waterproof makeup.”

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