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Automate creation and deployment using Python, Terraform and GitLab


Automate web projects creation, development, test and deployment using Python, Terraform and GitLab - PyCon Italia 2022

An overview of how, in 20tab, a bunch of intrepid web developers, acting as consummate DevOps, accomplished the ten year long dream of automating the creation, test and deployment of their projects, by integrating the latest CI/CD solutions and technologies into Talos: the almighty company tool. For over a decade, in 20tab, we worked on improving our company tool for web projects scaffolding and continuous delivery flow management. We integrated the latest solutions and technologies to automate, speed up and strengthen the creation, development, testing and deployment procedures. In this talk I am going to present in detail Talos, the result of our latest challenge, and how we managed to harness Python scripts, cookiecutter templates, Terraform configurations, GitLab pipelines and Cloud resources.

Speaker: Filippo Morelli


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