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Django with PostgreSQL superpowers

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Django with PostgreSQL superpowers - PyCon Italia 2022

Django per se is a database-agnostic web framework, but real-world projects based on it are not. PostgreSQL has the richest feature set of any supported databases and we’ll see how to use these superpowers in Django. Every time we’re going to create a new project with Django we make assessments on its requirements to choose the best architecture, of which, the database is usually the core.

Django is a database-agnostic web framework but natively supports only 4 Open Source databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB and MySQL.

PostgreSQL has the richest feature set of any supported database and some of these features are natively supported directly in Django via its contrib module.

In this talk we’ll see how to use to our advantage the features of PostgreSQL as a database in Django, its exclusive features present in its contrib module and also other superpowers that can be exploited through the use of third-party packages.

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Speaker: Paolo Melchiorre


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