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Four years of Python


Four years of Python - PyCon Italia 2022

Inspired by my post Four Years of Python where I talk through some valuable lessons for intermediate/beginner programmers to have in mind when scaling up their career in Python development. I mention topics such as testing, keeping things simple, and educating yourself. The other day I realized: I’ve been programming in Python for about 4 years now. I do get paid to write code, but for some reason still don’t consider myself a pro. I did learn some valuable lessons however. For those who just got started with Python, you’ll hopefully take something out of these lessons. For the experienced, see this as a celebration of our beloved language.

Some of the topics I’ll cover are: - Reading is better then googling - Keep things stupid simple - First make it work, then make it pretty - Test early - Learn continuously

I’ll share some learnings, principles, and resources that I’ve learned through the years.


Speaker: Duarte Carmo


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