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Optimal design & control of a telecommunications network


Optimal design & control of a telecommunications network - PyCon Italia 2022

Everyone wants to go faster on the Internet, or design faster networks. You can throw a lot of money to it or you can squeeze every bit from it. I’ll show through a research project how can we do the latter and create better networks. These two years have shown big weaknesses in the design and usage of the Internet and many other important enterprise networks. A good Quality of Experience and cost-effectiveness are paramount for network operators and designers. Enter optimal design and control… Through the use of optimal control it’s possibile to double the performance with respect to how it’s operated today, furthermore it allows us to better organize the network in order to minimally distrupt the users in the event of a failure. I’ll show through two examples the algorithms, the theory behind them and the code.

Speaker: Andi Dulla


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