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Teaching Python: who, how and what


Teaching Python: who, how and what - PyCon Italia 2022

People consider Python the easiest languange to learn, and they are right, likely. Many students in (non-scientific) Universities think that learning Python is a nightmare, expecially if is mandatory.
So, do we have the right strategies to bring our language to all? (I do not, but I am learning) After a few years of courses I realized I (we?) need a strategy to teach Python properly. While it is really exiting to teach PhD students how to make use of a script language in their own projects, it is really hard to show its beauty and opportunities to second year students when they hardly have the concept of a folder, a variable, and if they have them, they are usually quite confused. I would like to share my (little) experience, the good and the bad, so to make a few suggestions for a general and shared approach to teaching: should we introduce levels (A, B, C?), what are the best books to use, how to make exams?



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