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Django Packages: A Case Study


Django Packages: A Case Study

Daniel Greenfeld

Django Packages is the place to review Django apps, frameworks, and projects. This talk is for everyone, including non-Django users, and covers everything from architecture, API development, to interacting with PyPI, Github, Bitbucket, etc. It will include tools, lessons learned, and projects that fork the code to save the world and will finish with an overview of the forthcoming


Since launch Django Packages has become the place to find and compare apps, frameworks and projects produced by the Django Community. Through the use of public APIs, Django Packages constantly fetches hard data from PyPI, Github, and Bitbucket, aproviding a powerful mash-up of real-world data on the volume of usage of a particular package. At a glance you can see which package is the most downloaded, which is the most used, and which has seen ongoing development.

The project is open sourced on Github, with all non-user data accessible available via the API. Django Packages was conceived and and launched in the 2010 Django Dash. Since launch it has seen features added incrementally and was a frequently mentioned project at the 2010 DjangoCon and was #1 on Hacker News on Sunday, December 5, 2010. It's purpose is to provide a place for Django Developers to submit, research, and review apps, projects, and frameworks.

The talk will cover:

  • Launching the project
    • The pre-Django Packages state of finding Django apps
    • Grids, not tags
    • Only hard metrics allowed, no opinions or rating systems!
    • Slurping content from PyPI, Github, Bitbucket, Launchpad, SourceForge, and Google Project Hosting
    • Lessons Learned AKA The Zen of Python and PEP-8
    • Deployment and backups
  • The Month after launch
    • New feature considerations
    • Handing over the keys to reduce bus factor
    • Excitement when seeing it being used as a reference
  • DjangoCon
    • Sprint tactics for your pet project
    • Development of an API
    • Github, Google Project Hosting, and PyPI
  • Going forward
    • Planned new features for Django Packages
    • Forking Django Packages to save the world
    • - a forthcoming place to review Python applications, frameworks, and packages


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