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Packaging, from Distutils to Distutils2


Packaging, from Distutils to Distutils2

Tarek Ziadé

Packaging or installing a Python application can be extremely painful. This talk will deep-dive into the new Distutils2 features and explain how you can use them in your project today to make life easier for everyone (users, OS package managers, developers, etc.).


  1. Distutils2 presentation and goals
    1. Framework
    2. Command-driven packaging system
    3. Changes from Distutils1
    4. R.I.P.
    5. The new metadata fields (PEP 345)
    6. versions for your project (PEP 386)
    7. PyPI goodies
      1. browsing
      2. uploading docs
    8. What's installed ? what to install ? (PEP 376)
      1. The Dependency graph tool
    9. Extensibility !
      1. commands
      2. compilers
    10. Pysetup, one command to rule them all
    11. install !
    12. remove
    13. do other things
    14. Examples
    15. Example 1: A simple Distutils2 project
    16. Example 2: Porting your project to Distutils2, and keep it working in Distutils/Setuptools/zc.buildout environments.
    17. Example 3: Creating and releasing your own commands and compilers
    18. Example 4: Developement process made simple with Distutils2
    19. Conclusion
    20. Roadmap


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